Bethany’s Beads bracelets are designed specifically to represent the bruises, scars and cracks from deeply painful times. Even though we see our imperfections, Jesus’ love and grace covers us and God sees our beauty. The mission of Bethany’s Beads is to give bracelets to girls, young ladies and women, wherever we come into contact with them, so that they have a tangible reminder of God’s love for them. In addition to that, we have had the opportunity to work with Charlotte area human trafficking rescue organizations, giving survivors of sexual abuse and trafficking their own special Bethany’s Beads bracelet. Bethany’s Beads bracelets can also be purchased, with 100% of the proceeds supporting this ministry opportunity, allowing us to give away more bracelets as the Lord leads us. As you purchase a bracelet, you are supporting this mission. Pray for this effort every time you wear a Bethany’s Beads bracelet, or give your bracelet to someone that needs this reminder.

Hurt, Lost, Cracked and Bruised; God thinks you’re beautiful!

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All photography throughout the site taken by “Beauty in Everything, Photography by Hannah Reynolds” of original BB bracelets.